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  • Straight Talk to Success

  • Straight Talk to Success™ is an exciting, interactive business strategy, tactics, and leadership development workshop series offered to Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce members on a quarterly basis.  

    Each workshop is designed with access to tools and resources that will help you to grow your business and navigate change and challenge with greater confidence, less stress, and overwhelm.  

    A value-added benefit for all Chamber members, join Jen O’Hare, owner of TIAMAT Leadership and Roger Sargent, owner of Affluence Business Solutions as they bring their specialized knowledge, practical and proven tools to business owners and leaders who want to grow their business.

    Each workshop addresses the needs and interests of businesses at different stages of operations, self- and people-leadership skills. Join your Chamber peers and learn how to create and maintain a business that succeeds. It’s a benefit included with your annual Chamber membership!

    If you’ve ever thought of teaming up with a business and leadership advisor, someone who can show you the ropes, save you time and money, help you understand how to manage your team, how to be more productive, how to gain greater control over the success of your business – and cut to the heart of what really matters – we invite you to attend the Straight Talk to Success™ workshop series.

    FREE for Chamber members; $30 for guests

    Registration for each workshop is required.

    2020 Schedule: 

    Fix Profit First, then Grow - Thursday, March 26th, 7:30 - 9:00 AM

    Most owners want to know what their financials are telling them. They want to feel more in control of the numbers (even if someone else manages the books). You’ll learn:

    • How to think differently and manage the growth of your business with creativity and innovation.
    • How to run your business based on what you can afford to do today, not what you hope to be able to afford someday.
    • Strategies to better manage your expenses and how to build a safety net to reduce stress knowing you have the money put aside.

    If you struggle to understand cashflow and want to get spending habits under control to strategically grow your business, Lesson #1 workshop is for you.

    How to Sharpen Your Focus & Productivity - Tuesday, June 30th, 7:30 - 9:00 AM

    Summertime in Puget Sound is filled with sun and lots of activities. So much to do – so many distractions to keep you from achieving your goals. Work/Life balance…what’s that? As business owners, we wear many hats. We easily lose focus and fill our days with activities that keep us from driving revenue to our business. If you want to sharpen your focus and stay productive, join us for this fun and focused workshop.

    How to Manage, Motivate and Keep Employees Engaged - Wednesday, September 9th, 7:30 - 9:00 AM

    How do I keep my employees engaged? How do I keep them motivated? How do I retain them without busting my budget? Employees are an organization’s greatest asset. Employees also present the biggest challenge for leaders if they don’t know how to tap into the team’s potential. Many owners drive away their talent without even realizing it. Learn how to boost your team’s performance and engagement. You do not need to manage people to get value from this workshop. This workshop will also be helpful to the solo entrepreneur.

    JumpStart Your Business Strategy into 2021 - Thursday, December 10th, 7:30 - 9:00 AM

    As 2020 comes to a close, it’s time to look at how your business is positioned for the New Year. Is your business stuck in neutral? Every business needs a thoughtful business strategy that allows for growth, evaluates opportunities, manages risk, and offers a clear sense of direction. This also includes identifying the barriers that may be blocking the growth of your business. Join us and jump start your 2021 planning so you can hit the ground prepared and confident in January.

  • "I've been to Straight Talk for Success (Feb and Mar) and must say that this has been multiple layers deeper than I had ever expected. I've read management books, especially time management and am an avid list maker. I was pleasantly surprised that the new methods have moved so far beyond that, they are like playing chess instead of checkers. So worth the time and effort to attend and partake of Jen and Roger's wisdom. These guys play chess and do it well."

    - Howard Mackert, Mackert Automotive

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