• New to Zoom? Here's how it works: 

    Zoom is a video conferencing app. You can download a free version of the app at Zoom.us or allow a couple extra minutes when you attend your first zoom meeting to set up your account. If you get stuck or need help downloading the app, we can help prior to the session. Simply email Danielle at ddelmonte@gigharborchamber.com

    You can login to the meetings through your smart phone, tablet or computer. If you login using your camera, please remember that we will see what you're wearing. 

  • Zoom Meeting Etiquette

    • Mute yourself until invited to ask a question.
    • Turn off your video camera if multi tasking (it can be distracting for others).
    • Questions for the speaker can be entered in the Chat area of the meeting.
    • Questions can be submitted in advance to: mbattson@gigharborchamber.com.
    • Questions are answered in the order received. 


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