• Pierce Transit Earns NAFA “Green Garage” Recognition

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    January 23, 2024
    Pierce Transit is pleased to have secured a top-ten finish (9th place) in the 2023 NAFA Green Garage Contest.
    The National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) is the world’s largest membership association for individuals who manage the vehicular fleet and mobility responsibilities for their employers. The Green Garage Contest brings together the most progressive and environmentally committed fleets to showcase their best practices for eco-friendly vehicle fleet maintenance garages. The contestants share innovative and simple ways to “green the maintenance garage.”
    Some of Pierce Transit’s green practices and accomplishments cited in the Green Garage application include:
    • In 2022, Pierce Transit facilities disposed of 2,790,773 pounds of waste, a 5 percent increase from the previous year. Of that, 74 percent of total waste was recycled, including vehicle tires, vehicle batteries, oil filters, used oil, paper, and miscellaneous office recyclables
    • The installation of ECO lifts, which have significantly reduced hydraulic fluid requirements in the Auto and Body Shops
    • The inclusion of skylights during the construction of the Maintenance facility, to increase natural light and reduce need for electric light
    • Adoption of energy-efficient LED fixtures at parking garages, transit centers, and the agency’s headquarters
    • Water bottle filling stations installed throughout agency facilities to discourage the wasteful use of plastic bottles; as of the end of 2023 this has saved the use of more than 148,000 plastic bottles
    In addition, Pierce Transit:
    • Supports the use of electric vehicles by providing charging stations at the agency’s headquarters, both for agency vehicles and employees’ personal vehicles
    • Operates nine electric buses, with more on the way, and recently introduced the agency’s first on-route electric charger
    • Has transitioned to using Renewable Diesel, which does not rely on fossil fuels. This change has reduced the agency’s lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions from diesel fuel by between 50 and 70 percent.
    • Recently opened a new fuel and wash that recycles 95 percent of the water from each wash, using it for the next bus wash rather than sending it to the storm drain
    • Has an idling policy which does not allow vehicles to be parked with the engine operating for more than five minutes unless it is essential for the performance of work
    Pierce Transit’s Zero Emissions Fleet Coordinator Nathan Groh remarked, “I want to express my gratitude to all team members who played a pivotal role in making this accomplishment possible. Their dedication and contributions have earned the agency recognition and contributed to our mission of providing environmentally friendly transit services to our community. I look forward to us furthering our efforts in promoting sustainable practices in the coming years.”
    This achievement reflects Pierce Transit’s hard work and dedication to sustainable practices, as well as its ongoing commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. For more information about sustainability at Pierce Transit, visit
    Ashley Baillie, Community Development Coordinator
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