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  • Local Seniors Shine: Gig Harbor Court's Fundraiser Triumph and Winter Food Drive 


    Gig Harbor Court, a renowned senior living community, hosted a successful fundraiser last week, raising $444 to support the Harbor Hope Center, a local organization dedicated to helping homeless youth. The event showcased the remarkable generosity of Gig Harbor Court residents and community members who came together for a night of fun and philanthropy.

    Every dollar raised will go toward the Harbor Hope Center's vital programs, providing refuge, education, and essential support to young people in need.

    Gig Harbor Court extends a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in the fundraiser, making it a resounding success. Their combined efforts will undoubtedly improve the lives of countless vulnerable youth in the community.

    Continuing their efforts, Gig Harbor Court is teaming up with Maritime Networking Group to launch a community-wide food drive during the winter season. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the needs of local food banks and encourage the community to contribute non-perishable items to support those in need.

    The drive began on January 15 and will continue until Thursday, February 15. The focus will be collecting essential items such as peanut butter, canned soup, fruit, vegetables, stew, fish, beans, and pasta.

    "Gig Harbor Court’s residents and staff are full of compassion; we love giving back to our community," says LaTanya Jules, Executive Director of Gig Harbor Court. "Our fundraiser for Harbor Hope Center brought light to vulnerable youth, while our community food drive aims to fill tables across town. Join us this season as we spread warmth to Gig Harbor."

    The local media are invited to come out and capture the community's heartwarming initiatives.

    The community took the attached photos, which are free for media use. To find more information about Gig Harbor Court or the community's fundraising efforts, please visit their website

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