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  • Gig Harbor Visitor Information Center Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How much is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Toll?

    A. $5.00 (Good to Go Pass), $6.00 (Toll Booth)

    Q. Is the toll both ways?

    A. No, only Westbound leaving Gig Harbor going to Tacoma.

    Q. Where can I park?

    Q. Where can I moor my boat?

    Q. Where is the nearest grocery store?

    A. There are a few options to choose from. Downtown you have a small selection of goods from The Harbor General Store and from Finholm's Market. In Gig Harbor North you have Costco, Target, and Albertson's, and around Uptown you have Fred Meyer, Safeway, and Harbor Greens. 

    Q. What can I do in 2 – 3 hours?

    Q. Are there any Breweries or wineries?

    A. Gig Harbor boasts of Gig Harbor Brewing Company, 7 Seas, and Wet Coast Brewery. There is also Heritage Distillery in downtown Gig Harbor.

    Q. Where would you recommend we go to eat?


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    Q. Is there a ferry to Gig Harbor?

    A. Not directly. Gig Harbor is not an island but has a bridge connecting it to Tacoma. There is a ferry from Seattle to Bremerton or Port Orchard and then you are able to drive South to Gig Harbor. You can also drive around on the Olympic Peninsula to Gig Harbor. 

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    Q. Is there night life in Gig Harbor?

    A. Gig Harbor is a quieter town where there aren't many night life options. A few restaurants and bars are open until midnight, but if you're interested in nightlife, Tacoma is a better option.

    Q. Are there Electronic Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in Gig Harbor?

    A. Yes, you have a few options

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