• Propeller Award: Best Start Up 2019

    For eligible businesses who have been in business for less than three years.

    (All nominations should not exceed 2 pages in total. Please answer the following questions concisely with specific examples for each criteria that follows.)
    Name Block - Simple
    Business Address
    Please describe how you demonstrate the entrepreneurial potential necessary for long-term business success and economic growth within the Greater Peninsula community.
    Please provide an example of problem(s) faced in business and the methods being used to solve them.
    Please provide an example of how the business is engaged in creating positive change and contribution in supporting the vibrancy of the Greater Peninsula community.
    Please provide an example of how innovation, unique methods, or superior product or service are being used to fill a creative niche or need not adequately addressed by the competition.
    Up to 1-page (12-point font) biography of the owner including business background. Must also include the “WHY” (i.e. driving force) behind why the business was originally created.
    Optional: Provide a collection of supporting files, news coverage, press releases or materials that support the submission and provide more background information to the selection committee.
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