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Better Gym & Better Eats

Contact Info

Susan Moore
train better. feel better. be better.
3308 Uddenberg Lane
Gig Harbor


$50 off 1st month with monthly unlimited classes.
Located in Gig Harbor, better is a small physical training facility built on the idea that training should be about practice and quality of movement.
Opening our doors in November 2014, this unique gym is centered around quality training. The classes are small to foster a family environment using the modalities and principles our trainer, Susan Moore, has mastered during her years training the U.S. military. Susan provides professional education by teaching certifications and workshops for TRX, StrongFirst, and HyperWear. She believes that all people deserve the training necessary to move well, increase strength, sharpen focus, and gain mental toughness that are essential for optimal quality of life. She will not only teach you these skills, but also educate you in the whys and hows along the way. There is only one word to describe how you will feel as a result of this training: better.

Come try what "better" has to offer.
Susan Moore