• Courtesy Clerk

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    As a primary contact for Safeway customers, the Courtesy Clerk provides friendly, courteous, and helpful service. The primary function of this position is to bag and carry out groceries for customers. Performs cleaning duties throughout the store as assigned. Works with checker to bag groceries, using plastic bags or paper at customer’s request. Obtains bags and paper towels and supplies these to designated sources. Checks prices for other employees and customers as requested. Periodically patrols parking lot and inside areas of the store for shopping carts. Transports these shopping carts to the appropriate area within the store. Takes damaged or unwanted goods from check stand and replaces them on shelves or in storage area as appropriate. Performs cleaning as assigned by the store manager. Cleans employee lunch areas and restrooms. Cleans spills on the sales floor as needed using either a mop or broom and may mop floor in various departments. Picks up litter and clears walk ways outside the store. May remove and replace signs as directed.
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